Fees and commissions

One of AllStocks’ main goals is to provide users with the best service alongside the cheapest trading fees in the crypto market; therefore, our fee structure enables safe and secure trading
while enjoying the lowest charges in the industry.  

Deposits: Free. We do not charge any fees for deposits and hence anything you deposit will be available in your account in full.

Withdrawals: We charge a minimal fee for withdrawals that covers our network costs. The fee depends on the specific digital asset that you trade and its own blockchain transaction fees.

Minimum Transaction: $5 USD

Do you want even lower fees?
Try out our Affiliate Program or try to redeem a coupon if you have any.

We are happy to grant additional discounts on our fees and commissions via a coupon. In order to avoid spam and other dubious activities in our system, there will be a minimum fee of one cent in any buying or selling transaction after activating the coupon.

Happy trading,
The AllStocks Team